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How to Live a Life by Design

Dan asked me if I would be interested in sharing some design or business ideas… He was probably meaning literal, but I am going to get philosophical… So I thought I would blend two areas together, which gives…  Life by Design! What do I know about design? I am a 3D CAD mechanical designer by…

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#12: Basix 6 - Peace of Mind

#12: Basix 6 – Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is critical! Peace of mind is mental toughness, the ability to control your mental faculties and shut off the chatter in your mind on command. Peace of mind has a symbiotic relationship with all the other Basix – they all help peace of mind, and peace of mind helps to follow through…

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#11: Basix 5 - Exercise

#11: Basix 5 – Exercise

Use it or lose it! Use your body or lose your health, both physical and mental. Don’t exercise to lose weight, exercise to feel great, for the endorphins (natural happy drugs) your body releases with exercise. Build 30 minutes of exercise into your daily routine to make it a habit. When building the habit make…

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#10: Basix 4 - Food

#10: Basix 4 – Food

Our bodies are amazing machines that need the correct fuel for optimum performance. Eat natural unprocessed food for the best body chemistry for mental and physical health. Transcript: Good morning guys, it’s another beautiful morning out here this morning. Absolutely magic. Today I want to talk about food and how that relates to mental health. I’m Ian Schell…

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#9: Basix 3 - Thoughts & Beliefs

#9: Basix 3 – Thoughts and Beliefs

All stress is essentially caused by a WISH that something was different about ourselves, our past, or our situation. Accepting ‘What Is’ helps to reduce stress. There are 4 ‘shitty beliefs’ that cause us stress and these need to be changed with 4 ‘shit-hot upgrades’. The process to do this is ‘Journalling’. Eventually, with practice,…

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#8: Basix 2 - Goals, Habits and Growth

#8: Basix 2 – Goals, Habits and Growth

Achieve whatever you want through goals, habits and growth! Goals are important to give you direction, but never attach your self-worth to the outcomes. Even better than goals are setting habits which support your goals so that you succeed on autopilot.Growth and learning are vital to a fulfilling life. Transcript: Good morning guys, it’s another…

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#7: Basix 1 - Choice, Decision & Commitment

#7: Basix 1 – Choice, Decision and Commitment

A decision without commitment is a HOPE. Decide what you want, then commit to it 100%.  99% Commitment is a bitch, 100% is a breeze – meaning 99% still leaves room for procrastination, failure and not following through. 100% commitment leaves no room for failure. You may stumble or trip, but with true commitment, you…

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#6: Look after number 1 - Back to Basix

#6: Look after number 1 – Back to Basix

Your health is paramount! If your physical or mental health fails, you can’t take care of your loved ones. ‘Choose Yourself’ as James Altucher would say and take care of number 1 first! To do this work hard at improving your Basix: 1. Choice, Decision & Commitment. 2. Goals, Habits & Growth 3. Thoughts &…

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10 Ways to Stop Anxiety

Most of my adult life I have been affected by social anxiety, not to the point of panic attacks, but I would often find any excuse to split from a situation in which I didn’t feel comfortable. Anxiety can be downright debilitating at times. In a recent post, I shared an email to a friend of…

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#5: Shit still happens

#5: Shit still happens!

Even if you manage to beat depression or anxiety, shit still happens. You must expect that you will still have blue or bad days. Life is a rollercoaster, take the good with the bad, but don’t dwell too long on the bad. Transcription: Good morning guys, it’s another beautiful morning out here this morning. Me and ‘B…

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