#6: Look after number 1 - Back to Basix

#6: Look after number 1 – Back to Basix

Your health is paramount! If your physical or mental health fails, you can’t take care of your loved ones.
‘Choose Yourself’ as James Altucher would say and take care of number 1 first! To do this work hard at improving your Basix:
1. Choice, Decision & Commitment.
2. Goals, Habits & Growth
3. Thoughts & Beliefs
4. Food
5. Exercise
6. Peace of Mind
(More on these in future videos)


Good morning guys, it’s another magic morning out here this morning.

This morning I wanted to talk about looking after number one and getting back to Basix.

I’m Ian Schell and I’m glad to be alive!

So we need to look after them one first. The analogy that comes to mind is: Getting on a plane to go somewhere, they say that in case of an emergency, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling, and first need to put your own mask on before you tend to your child’s. Now this is the same for life. We need to look after ourselves first before you can look after anyone else. Because if our health or mental health fails, then we no good to anyone else, it’s not fun for anyone else. So we really need to look after number 1 first.

We first need to start with the Basix. I spell it B A S I X, it ends with a six, because there’s six essential elements that we need to get right. Now, you may find your doing one or two of these, or more, really well, but you need to try and balance them out and build them ALL so that they’re strong. So for now, we’ll touch on each of the six Basix, and in future videos, we will go into them in much greater depth.

Number 1 is choice, decisions and commitment.
Number 2 is goals, habits and growth.
Number 3 is thoughts and beliefs.
Number 4 is food.
Number 5 is exercise.
Number six is peace of mind.

So a couple years ago, in my depression, I was not taking care of any of the Basix. I was not eating the right foods, I was not exercising enough and I didn’t know a piece of mind meant. And I felt bloody terrible, I felt run down,  I’d get sick at the drop of a hat and it’s hard to describe how terrible I felt at the time. Because now, after what I’ve been through, I’ve lost a total of 27 kilos, I’ve still got a little bit to go, still a bit porky around the edges, but we’ll get there. But the big difference is how I feel.

Now I feel alive, I feel charged, I feel healthy. I’ve only had one sick day, and it was in only half a sick day and that’s because it was gastro, I was firing at both ends and that was only half a day laid up in bed. The difference is chalk and cheese.

Life now, I feel strong, I feel healthy, I feel alive, and that’s because of the Basix. Just taking care of the Basix, made such a difference for me.

Just a quick recap guys, look after number one first, get back to basics, take care of all six elements and you’ll be amazed at the difference that will make in your life.

Thanks for all your likes, shares and love. If you’ve got any comments, suggestions, or questions, please put them in the boxes below or message me and i’ll get back to you.

In the meantime, have a fantastic day and I’ll talk to you very shortly. See you guys.

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Ian is a machine designer who has fought a long-standing battle with depression and won. Ian's vision is simple: 'Create a better world through growth, progress and innovation'.