This year step into fear

#4: This year: Step into fear! Share this cheer

Happy new year! In 2017, step into fear rather than shy away from it, and magic will happen. Often our fears are over-baked, and the worst case scenarios are not as bad as they first seem. Use your fear as a guiding light to move towards and turn that fearful energy into excitement to push you forward regardless.
Don’t take unreasonable or unnecessary risks, but deconstruct your fear and analyse it for what it is; usually False Evidence Appearing Real – F.E.A.R. Find ways to come back from the worst case scenarios, and disempower that fear.

Welcome to 2017, it’s the first day of the new year. And what a beautiful morning, absolutely magic check that out.

I have a challenge for you guys: Let this be the year that you step into fear! I’m Ian Schell and I’m glad to be alive.

So what is fear? Fear is just out mind’s mental construct to keep us safe. That’s all it is, it’s a protection mechanism to make sure that we don’t die.

I’m not saying step into silly situations or take on unreasonable risks, but what I am saying is look at your fear, pull it apart, see how bad the the worst case scenarios really are and I think you’ll find that they are never as bad as you think. There’s not too many lions out there that are going to eat us today, so don’t let fear rule your life. If you let fear rule your life, you’ll live a very subsitant existance. Try say that ten time’s fast.

Use your fear as a guiding light rather than something you shy away from. Step into that fear and use that energy to drive yourself forward, and I think you’ll find magic will happen.

I hope you have a fantastic day, a fantastic year. Let 2017 be a ripper. Remember, good things happen and bad things happen. Life is a rollercoaster, ride that bitch for all it’s worth and make the best of every situation.

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Have a great one guys and I’ll talk to you very soon. Seeya.

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