Where You Focus Is Where You Go

#2: Where You Focus Is Where You Go

If you look at the negative, you get stuck in a self-perpetuating negative spiral downwards. On the flipside, if you can look for the smallest positive, then another, and continue, you will start to lift. Do it enough and it will become habit.



If I was to get hit by a bus tomorrow and I wasn’t here, the one piece of advice I want to pass on to others is that ‘where you focus is where you go’.

This one principle has made such a fundamental difference in my life, and look, we’ve all got a story that we tell ourselves that we get stuck on and causes us stress and that’s natural, that’s what we all do. But, if we keep focusing on the negatives, it’s a self-perpetuating loop once you start on the negatives you keep finding more negatives and you just keep spiralling downwards and downwards. We need to flip that to looking for the positives even if it’s the most fundamentally simple things like ‘I’m glad to have this bowl of cereal’ or you know just something to start just the smallest of things to just kick up on the positives.

From two years ago when I was in my depression, the only thing that’s really changed is that now I’ve got my own business and in some ways the stress is actually higher because I’m  working more stupid hours but nothing’s changed but the way that I think and that’s all up here. And so much of that is is looking at the positives dwelling on the negatives now, it doesn’t serve me so I don’t do it.

So yeah, just to recap, ‘where you focus is where you go’. If you look for the negatives you’ll spiral downwards, look for the positives and you lift yourself and that’s very powerful.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a fantastic day! I appreciate your comments, your shares, your likes, your love.

Love and light to you and i’ll talk to you very soon.

Cheers guys, Seeya


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Ian Schell

Ian is a machine designer who has fought a long-standing battle with depression and won. Ian's vision is simple: 'Create a better world through growth, progress and innovation'.